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Digital Billboard

321Bas has a digital billboard (Desktop) where all owners can see the list of debtors, Notifications or Notices, Forums, Projects, Surveys, Image Gallery and the birthday of the month..


321Bas is the website of the Horizontal Property where you can publish the news, events and publicity you want. Owners can generate content but the administrator or council are the only ones that can activate them..


You have a topic to discuss, a meeting is no longer necessary, a forum is created, automatically all the owners will receive an email with the created theme and they will be able to express their opinions, using our funny dynamic text, where you can insert videos, images and emojis to express your ideas. .


In 321Bas the projects are created with the purpose of sending the invitation in an automated way to your registered providers, making a transparent administration..


Every supplier will have their own password in the system so that they can upload their offers, bids and have all the information in an automated way..

Your Own Website

321Bas has a dynamic template so that you can believe your own web page and thus enhance your brand of administrator, in this way your owners will enter the software through your portal..

Votes and Surveys

The system administrator has the possibility of carrying out the polling of voting polls, which all owners will have access to indicate their option to vote, we automate the voting process without any additional cost or the need for other equipment. on your cell phone, tablet or laptop. .

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321Bas facilitates administration tasks, loads obligations, generates and automatically sends receipts for collection, allows owners to report their payments or pay directly using the platform, so that bank reconciliation is much easier with 321Bas, as well as all your payment history information will be available to both owners and the administrator. .


With 321Bas reservations are automated, the owner selects the room, reviews availability and requests a reservation, the administrator will receive an email with the request for processing..


Now you can handle the claims, requests and any case as a large corporation. The owners register it in the Software and the Administrator responds to the requests, leaving a record and date of the actions taken..

Image gallery

Keep the community informed with the image albums of projects, achievements, events and much more..


321Bas Includes a porter module where the guards will manage the visits, the parking information, the correspondence, as well as any Novelty or Lack leaving everything backed up in the System..


321Bas allows you to share documents, in this way you can have at hand and share with all the owners all the information and documentation of the horizontal property with a single click..

Closed Circuit TV

321Bas integrates with your Video system (*), allowing any owner to have access to the cameras of the horizontal property generating greater security..


Control in Inventory of consumables such as bags, toilet paper, cleaning products and much more with our inventory module where you can know at all times the exact amount you should have and whether or not it is necessary to make purchases..


321Bas allows you to create the equipment and systems that require maintenance in order to keep track of them, have control of the activities that have been carried out, generate the necessary alarms when maintenance is required and much more..


Much more than an administration system, our community module allows owners to make sales, donations, request product loans and even offer services to each other, generating greater integration among neighbors..


With our agenda module you not only have your contacts and tasks organized, but also you have a better control of them, having the record of the activities carried out in each task, as well as the important points discussed or taking into account each contact and the priority of each task to better manage your time. .


321Bas allows you to charge for the visitors' positions, from our App visitors must cancel in advance the right to use these positions with their credit card, avoiding the handling of money by security personnel and allowing the condominium a source extra income. .


Controls the costs by comparing the annual estimate in each of the funds or items of the horizontal property vs. the real executed month by month, allowing to have all the data at hand and immediately generating the comparison for a better control of the budget..

Who can use our licenses

Any legal figure that manages members, suppliers, takes control of collections and needs mass communication

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Any questions or comments please contact us.

Medellín, Bogotá, Cali - Colombia: +57 3187347742

Valencia - Venezuela: +58 4145897128 / +58 4145949275

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